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Newcastle Home Owners: pay off your mortgage with a Granny Flat

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Have you considered that you can turn a profit from that wasted space in your back yard?

The extra income from building an Ian Cubitt’s Newcastle Granny Flat on that unused space could help you to pay off your mortgage. Your weekly Granny Flat rent could be enough to cover your repayments.

A Granny Flat is basically an affordable investment property that can transform your empty yard space into your biggest income-earning asset. It will unlock the potential of your own property and turn it into an ongoing long-term rental income asset.

A Newcastle Granny Flat from Ian Cubitts will provide you with an ROI of 15-20% per annum. A more solid investment than the unreliable stock market and a much higher return than a bank Term Deposit. This a positively geared investment can pays itself off in 5 - 7 years.

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The timing is right for Granny Flat Investors

With population increases, there’s a real crisis in affordable housing in NSW. The NSW Government has passed legislation to help ease the shortage. (The Affordable Rental Housing SEPP in 2009). This is designed to encourage property owners to invest in assets like Granny Flats.

Changes to planning laws now mean faster approvals for Granny Flats in complying council zones. And you can now build a Granny Flat and rent it out to non-family members – without the necessity of subdividing your property.

When you sign with Ian Cubitt’s Granny Flats, you will be signing with the builder – and as with any new construction project, it is important to know who you are dealing with. With 20 years of building expertise, we’re a trusted name in the industry and the largest builder of Granny Flats in NSW.

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Ian Cubitt’s Newcastle Granny Flats are the safe choice. As specialists, we offer good design, a high importance on council approvals – fixed price contracts – professional building management – quality materials and sound workmanship.

Call Ian Cubitt’s Newcastle Granny Flats on 1300 721 150, online at www.newcastlegrannyflats.com.au or visit our Newcastle Exhibition Centre: 578 Main Road, Glendale NSW 2285

We are open 6 days a week!

See actual, life-size, furnished, walk-through Granny Flats for yourself. Visit our Exhibition Centres at 124-126 Maitland Road Mayfield NSW 2304 and 578a Main Road Glendale NSW 2285

You are invited to come and visit this fully appointed centre and learn how you can convert that unproductive yard space into your biggest income-earning asset!

Here, we can offer you professional advice and answer any questions. There’s even a free interior design service.

  • We are the largest builders of Granny Flats in NSW.
  • We have collectively over 150 years of experience in the building industry.
  • An enviable track record of delivering award-winning projects - on budget and on time.
  • We offer the most choices - across basic and premium ranges - to ensure that you will find a Granny Flat that fits your needs and budget.
  • Ian Cubitt's Newcastle Granny Flats and Homes is proudly Australian owned and operated.
  • We're accredited members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Newcastle Headquarters

  • 124-126 Maitland Road Mayfield NSW 2304
  • 1300 721 150
  • +61 2 4735 2988

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